The questions we’re most frequently asked:

How many people can attend a virtual event with VMS?
As many or as few as you want.

I need a feature that I do not see listed. What should I do?
Our developers love challenges. If we don’t already offer it, we’ll build it for you.

Do you offer live support during the event?
Yes! The Help Center is live on event days to facilitate registration, answer site questions, manage attendees, and provide technical support. 

Can Agendas be customized for Attendees?
Yes! We can curate the attendee experience with segmentation features that assign attendees to specific groups or activities. We also offer Mandatory push agenda items that move attendees through the agenda without effort and automatically bring them together for key speeches, workshops, and presentations.

What data is available for me to show ROI from my event?
Live analytics are available during the event on the client dashboard; a basic analytics report is provided 24 hours after the conclusion of the event; and an advanced analytics report is then made available with a detailed account of each attendee’s experience.

Is event data secure?
We take security very seriously. In addition to being Pen Test approved, we implement multiple layers of security, including 2-factor authentication for registration, data privacy with cloud processing and storage, encryption at rest and in transit, quarterly encryption key rotation, firewall on all environments, and more. 

Does VMS offer discounts for nonprofits?
Yes! We are happy to offer discounted rates to select non-profit organizations. Please contact us for more information. 

I still have questions. Who should I contact?

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