Take your virtual event to the next horizon

Host a virtual or hybrid event with vMeetingSpace. Expand your hosting capabilities with quality and design unlike any other. Customize our 3D, interactive meeting venues to best represent your company. Invite guests to explore a rich environment, and interact with other members through live, private, or video chat.


Excite your attendees with
many event features

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Highly secured platform

We take Security very seriously. From registration to attendee data, remote speakers, and more, your event protection is guaranteed.

Dedicated project manager

Our dedicated project manager will see that your vision becomes a reality and guide you through the event conclusion.

Rehearsal day

To ensure a seamless event we offer a pre-event run through, where you can test all of the workshops, videos and live streams.


Evaluating attendees’ behavior is one of the key features and benefits of hosting a virtual event. The analytics reports will elevate the success for your future events.

Multi language

During a virtual event, you might have attendees joining from every part of the globe. In order to accommodate, our platform supports 80+ languages.

Attendee management

With our attendee management feature, you can pre-assign attendees to workshops, ensure attendees relocate to where they should, and ensure overall event success.

Live updates

Last minute changes are part of the event world. Our cloud-based platform allows you to send updates to your attendees in real time during the event.


Access global and personal folders to collect and download documents during the event. Share flyers, brochures, and other literature.

Desktop and mobile compatibility

Some users are just determined to log-in through their mobile device or tablet. Our platform has you covered!  It’s completely HTML-based – no need to download an app.

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