An immersive experience.

VMS event spaces are living, breathing environments. Manage your agenda, attendee experience, and data in real-time with unique tools that only VMS offers.


Interactive tools.

Our custom venues come equipped with a range of interactive features
that create a dynamic, data-rich environment for attendees.

Attendee management

Our powerful “mandatory push” agenda items provide a stress-free experience for attendees, moving them through the agenda without effort.

Live announcements

Send live updates to attendees that brings them together for key speeches, workshops, and presentations.


Upload files and folders for attendees to download during your event. Share flyers, brochures, or presentation decks with this useful dissemination tool.


Invite your guests to enter the event from a birds-eye perspective to take in the venue in all its beauty.


Strategically place images and clues throughout your virtual venue for guests to score points. Post a leaderboard and offer prizes to encourage engagement.

Immersive rooms

Create visually realistic lobbies, exhibit halls, auditoriums, lounges, and other data-rich spaces, complete with clickable hotlinks and video chat.

Networking Lounge

Take a break or get down to business in our exclusive networking lounges. Chat in private or in groups of up to twelve.

Surveys and Polling

Get value attendee feedback throughout the process. Surveys can be scheduled pre-event, post-event, or following specific presentations.

Live help desk

Turn to the central help desk for guidance, whether host or guest. Troubleshoot any functionality with our live support services.

Make it your own.

Custom-brand your venue and implement as many rooms as you like.
Consult with our dedicated project managers and rehearse before your event begins.

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