Keep Your Audience Engaged

Enact superior engagement tools for the best virtual experience. Hook your virtual event attendees with immersive technology that works online and offline.

Our Services Include

Help Desk

Allow attendees 24/7 support  for all registration, access, or technical difficulties. Get in touch with support agents for all registration, access, or technical difficulties.

Open Chat

Provide a rich conversation experience for your audience to chat with each other during the event.

Private Chat

Empower your audience to interact privately or in small groups.


Reach out to Q&A managers assigned to oversee all event activities.

Captivating Environments

Our platform offer ______ spaces to explore and navigate. a fully branded space 3d environment with flythroughs to add a sense of place and movement. Select from existing venues or have one custom designed We can bring your live event to the virtual world by designing them in tandem.

With VMS you can create

3D Environments

Create stunning environments to capture attention and provide an unforgettable experience.

Alerts and Notifications

Notify in real time or pre schedule announcements to all or a selected group of attendees.


Time your event and stay on top of the event agenda, with a countdown clock for mandatory sessions and event start time.

Live Announcements

Stream relevant info to all attendees via the “voice of god” feature.

Networking Lounges

Excite your attendees with a unique communication experience via custom networking lounges created for groups and individuals to emulate a real-life round table experience.

Survey and Polling

Gather your attendees’ responses and reactions. During the event multiple survey options are available including time schedule, pre-event, post video and post event survey.


Interact with strategically placed images and clues throughout your virtual venue, track attendee points and rankings to encourage guest engagement.


Anything can be a hotspot! any image area can be clickable. this can create link to pages, create links to outside resources or just create some cool gamification features.

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