Security is our 
number one priority.

vMeetingSpace has hosted events for some of the largest and most influential companies in the world. We enact every necessary measure of cybersecurity to ensure your event and data are impenetrable. 

A secure platform.

Attendees want a virtual space where their information is secure. 

Clients want a guarantee that they are not vulnerable. VMS understands this. 

Pen Test Certified

Our systems undergo rigorous annual evaluation by a third-party penetration test that ensures your event and attendee data is secure.

Session Monitoring

Your event will be protected 24/7 using our cloud-based monitoring system that stops security breaches and unwelcome guests.

Attendee Verification

We verify each attendee’s email using two-factor authentication and complex passwords.

Single Sign-on

Simplify your attendees’ registration experience by connecting our cloud-based authentication system to your company’s existing login infrastructure.

Data Security

We encrypt all event data, both at rest and in transit, with the latest standards of cybersecurity.

The highest standards.

Trust in the security of your event. Contact vMeetingSpace for
additional information about our security and privacy measures. 

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