Premiere virtual
event hosting.

Personal, powerful, and private, vMeetingSpace is an all-in-one, virtual event hosting platform created specifically for event production.

Our fully customizable, 3D interactive environments allow groups of any size to converge and converse in immersive, data-rich worlds.


Why VMS?

VMS by the numbers.

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We partner with
production companies.

vMeetingSpace partners with event production to create spectacular virtual and hybrid events for their clients.

Before the event..
We design your custom-branded venue, manage your registration process, and produce graphics and videos.

During the event..
We manage the agenda, show flow, attendee location, operation of videos, Q&As, surveys, and more.

After the event..
We provide you with detailed analytics so your team can better understand your attendee activity & participation. We also archive your venue elements for future use .


Hybrid events.

Hybrid events offer flexibility between in-person and virtual attendance so every attendee can participate comfortably.

More attendees means more engagement, which means more sign-ups and growth. Hybrid events give people the chance to be present physically or remotely.

Livestream in-person presentations to virtual attendees, increasing interactivity, polling results, and data.

Live chat gives virtual attendees the opportunity to connect with in-person attendees. 

Acquire powerful data about in-person and virtual attendance and engagement. See what works for whom, and adapt to provide the best hybrid event experience possible.

Virtual attendees reduce your event’s carbon footprint.

Recent events.

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